Gajendra Pal Singh

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In order to find out optimum culture condition for algal growth, the effect of light irradiance and temperature on growth rate, biomass composition and pigment production of Spirulina platensis were studied in axenic batch cultures. Growth kinetics of cultures showed a wide range of temperature tolerance from 20 °C to 40 °C. Maximum growth rate, cell(More)
In this paper we have analytic survey on various techniques of image steganography, these technique are paying their role more efficiently to establish secure communication in more effective way, these idea work on various pattern, text and images also and help to hide confidential matter or information sharing in a newly created steganography techniques.(More)
The enormous content of information on the World Wide Web makes it obvious candidate for data mining research. Data Mining Technique application is used to the World Wide Web referred as Web mining where this term has been used in three distinct ways; , Web Structure Mining, Web Content Mining and Web Usage Mining. Web Log Mining is one of the Web based(More)
MICROBIOLOGY ABSTRACT Chlorella vulgaris is a green, spherical, single celled fresh water microalga belongs to the phylum Chlorophyta. As per the study conducted so far it is found that green algae are the highest source of chlorophyll in the plant world and particularly, Chlorella one of the members of green algae is the richest source of chlorophyll which(More)
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