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The Forgotten Surrender
English-language historiography has paid scant attention to the events in Yugoslavia in spring 1945, despite the fact that the combined strength of the armies pitted against each other amounted to
‘Damned Good Amateurs’: Yugoslav Partisans in the Belgrade Operation 1944
ABSTRACT On 16 October 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a parade in Belgrade marking the 70th anniversary of its liberation by the Red Army and the Communist-led Yugoslav Partisans. In
March Negotiations
Few episodes from the war in Yugoslavia have received as much attention from scholars and the general public as the so-called March Negotiations of 1943. The bulk of the NOVJ, including thousands of
Failed Counterinsurgency in Wartime Yugoslavia: An Answer
First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Schmider for his comments on my article. Being a newcomer to the world of scholarly writing, drawing the attention of a renowned an expert on WW2-Yugoslavia
Political Discussions, Round 1
After the downfall of the Užice Republic in late November 1941, the focus of the war was transferred from occupied Serbia to the neighboring Independent State of Croatia. Unlike in Serbia, there were
Local Prisoner Exchanges
This chapter examines prisoner exchanges that various units negotiated independently of the Pisarovina cartel. To provide the proper context, the chapter covers not only the contacts from 1944 and
Closing Thoughts
This chapter contains a few concluding remarks. This book is the first attempt at a comprehensive analysis of non-violent contacts between the Partisans and the German occupation authorities in
Brutal Until the End
Serbia, with its large population and rich mineral and agricultural resources, was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia's spiritual and economic heartland. It also hosted the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, and
The German ‘ultra’: signals intelligence in Yugoslavia 1943–1944
ABSTRACT This article deals with the extensive signals surveillance program operated by the Wehrmacht and directed at their most dangerous enemy in the Balkans, the Yugoslav Partisans. This subject
Parleying with the Devil
The Second World War in Yugoslavia is notorious for the brutal struggle between the armed forces of the Third Reich and the communist-led Partisans. Less known is the fact that the two sides