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The nonlinear response of amorphous silicon waveguides is reported and compared to silicon-on-insulator (SOI) samples. The real part of the nonlinear coefficient γ is measured by four-wave-mixing and the imaginary part of γ is characterized by measuring the nonlinear loss at different peak powers. The combination of both results yields a(More)
We present the characterization of the ultrafast nonlinear dynamics of a CMOS-compatible horizontal-slot waveguide with silicon nanocrystals. Results are compared to strip silicon waveguides, and modeled with nonlinear split-step calculations. The extracted parameters show that the slot waveguide has weaker carrier effects and better nonlinear(More)
We present an experimental technique to characterize backscattering in silicon microring resonators, together with a simple analytical model that reproduces the experimental results. The model can extract all the key parameters of an add-drop-type resonator, which are the loss, both coupling coefficients and backscattering. We show that the backscattering(More)
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