Gaiwen Guo

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A natural tree has the ability of self-organization, self-adaptation and self-regulating, and its growth is the process of optimization. Firstly, According to the mechanism, a competition model is established in this paper. In the model, sunlight adaptability, nutrition factor and shade factor are defined. And, the equation of branch's competitive(More)
Aiming at the long runtime in the automated design of tree-shaped line antenna, parallelization of Tree Growth Competition Algorithm (TGCA) is presented based on master-slave prototype. Master process performs the competition model of forest dynamical evolution. Slave process performs concurrently the growth-competition model of natural tree to complete(More)
A competition model was established by using the principle of contradictory unity of growth and wilting based on natural tree. To testify the competition model, it was applied in solving polynomial equations of complex coefficients. Then, sunlight adaptability, nutrition factor and shape factor were defined, and equations of competitive phototropic growth(More)
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