Gairik Sengupta

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OBJECTIVES Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to psychotropic agents are common and can lead to noncompliance or even discontinuation of therapy. There is paucity of such data in the Indian context. We deemed it worthwhile to assess the suspected ADR profile of psychotropic drugs in an ambulatory setting in a public teaching hospital in Kolkata. MATERIALS AND(More)
CONTEXT Performance of medical students in developing nations like India is perceived to have largely declined. AIMS We attempted to assess the reasons behind such trends. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Students in their third year of medical study were given a predesigned, pretested structured and validated questionnaire that they filled in anonymously. The key(More)
Address for Correspondence: : Dr. Banani Kundu, R G Kar Medical College, 1, Khudiram Bose Sarani, Kolkata 700 004, India. Mobile: +91 9433366549. E-Mail: Access this Article online Quick Response code Web site: *1,3 Assistant Professor, 2,4 Post Graduate Trainee. *1,2,4 Department of Anatomy, R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata, India. 3(More)
A study was carried out at the Urban Health Centre, Chetla, Calcutta to evaluate the efficacy of quantitative buffy coat (QBC) analysis of haemograms in malaria patients suffering from fever with bodyache and chill and/or rigour attending the Fever Treatment Depot during a three months period (March-June 1996) who had undergone both malaria parasite study(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding concepts of molecular mechanisms of drug action involves sequential visualization of physiological processes and drug effects, a task that can be difficult at an undergraduate level. Role-play is a teaching-learning methodology whereby active participation of students as well as clear visualization of the phenomenon is used to(More)
Stool samples collected from the districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Hooghly and Calcutta in West Bengal were examined for hookworm and associated parasites. It was found that maximum prevalence of hookworm was in Hooghly district (24.8%). N. americanus appeared to be more prevalent species in all the districts studied. The load ofhookworm infection(More)
Address for Correspondence: Dr. Brijesh R Aghera, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Kannur medical college, Anajarakandy, Kannur, Kerala 670612, India. Phone Number: +919847713544, +919558731155. E-Mail: Access this Article online Quick Response code Web site: *1 Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Kannur Medical(More)
OBJECTIVE Acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis (AECB) is a commonly encountered problem and those suspected to be due to bacterial infections require antibiotic therapy. This randomized, controlled trial was designed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of gemifloxacin, a new fluoroquinolone, versus cefpodoxime, an oral third-generation(More)
Six patients (2 male, 4 female; age range 24 to 36 years) with aortoarteritis involving the supra-aortic trunks were investigated and surgically managed by bypass graft with either preclotted dacron or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in an urban institute. There has been no mortality and post-operative functional recovery has been satisfactory in all the(More)
The prevalence of different types of hepatitis virus was estimated in 185 hospitalized jaundiced patients. It was found that 41.08% were positive for HBs Ag by ELISA method. The jaundiced group was also tested for IgM antibody and for total antibodies (IgG and IgM) to HAV infection by ELISA method and 5.40% were found to be positive. All patients in the(More)