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The past few decades have witnessed a substantial increase in terahertz (THz) research. Utilizing THz waves to transmit communication and imaging data has created a high demand for phase and amplitude modulation. However, current active THz devices, including modulators and switches, still cannot meet THz system demands. Double-channel heterostructures, an(More)
Dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguides are perfectly suitable for on-chip sensing of fluids. They allow long propagation length and large mode overlaps above 96% with a the analyte. Dielectric-loading is a alternative approach to increase the confinement of mid-infrared surface plasmons without the need for sub-wavelength patterning. Direct excitation and(More)
Summary form only given. Spatial overlap between the electromagnetic fields and the analytes is a key factor for strong light-matter interaction leading to high sensitivity for label-free optical biosensors. Usually, the exponential fields of cavity modes or surface plasmon resonances are applied to monitor the refractive index variation from bio-reactions.(More)
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