Gail V. W. Johnson

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Cyclin dependent kinase (Cdk) 5, an atypical member of the Cdk family, plays a fundamental role in the development of the nervous system, and may also be involved in the pathogenesis of certain neurodegenerative diseases. Further, Cdk5 is activated by the specific regulatory proteins p39, p35, or p25 rather than cyclins, and in contrast to other members of(More)
Illustrations of macromolecular structure in the scientific literature contain a high level of semantic content through which the authors convey, among other features, the biological function of that macromolecule. We refer to these illustrations as molecular scenes. Such scenes, if available electronically, are not readily accessible for further(More)
The canonical Wnt/beta-catenin (Wnt) pathway is a master transcriptional regulatory signaling pathway that controls numerous biological processes including proliferation and differentiation. As such, transcriptional activity of the Wnt pathway is tightly regulated and/or modulated by numerous proteins at the level of the membrane, cytosol and/or nucleus. In(More)
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