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A binary switch based on the detection of periodic vocal cord vibrations is proposed for individuals with multiple and severe disabilities. The system offers three major advantages over existing speech-based access technologies, namely, insensitivity to environment noise, increased robustness against user-generated artifacts such as coughs, and reduced(More)
This prospective case series evaluated the viability of a recently-developed vocal cord vibration switch with four participants between the ages of 5.8-14.5 years old who had severe motor disabilities and complex communication needs. At the time of study enrolment, participants did not have an established single switch access pathway but were all capable of(More)
Around the world there is increasing interest in end of life issues. An Context: unprecedented number of people dying in future decades will put new strains on families, communities, services and governments. It will also have implications for representations of death and dying within society and for the overall orientation of health and social care. What(More)
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