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  • G S Ross
  • 1984
Low-income families with premature newborns received home intervention regarding the care and development of their infants. Infants in these families were found to have higher mental ability scores, to be judged as having easier temperaments, and to be more likely to live in homes which facilitated development than were matched controls at one year of age.
PURPOSE The association between language delay and behavior problems in toddlers was examined in 2 studies, 1 conducted in a developmental clinic in New Jersey (Study 1; N = 83) and the other conducted in a developmental clinic in New York (Study 2; N = 103). METHOD In both clinics, parents of 18- to 35-month-olds completed the Language Development Survey(More)
  • G S Ross
  • 1982
Language functioning and speech development were assessed in six preschool boys who had undergone tracheotomy during infancy and had tracheal tubes in place for varying periods of time (from 11 to 44 mo). Results indicated that neonatal tracheotomy did not produce long-term effects on language development. Children with subnormal intelligence showed(More)
Deforestation is one of the major threats to habitats in the Dominican Republic. In this work we present a forest baseline for the year 2000 and a deforestation map for the year 2011. Maps were derived from Moderate Resolution Imaging Radiometer (MODIS) products at 250 m resolution. The vegetation continuous fields product (MOD44B) for the year 2000 was(More)
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