Gail R. Wilensky

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The debate over Medicare payments for graduate medical education has been conducted under the premise that such payments cover the added costs of training. Standard economic theory suggests that residents bear the costs of their training, implying that the additional costs of teaching hospitals are not attributable to training per se but to some combination(More)
Most studies of the use of physician services have focused on characteristics of the patient to explain variations in use. This study employed data from the National Medical Care Expenditure Survey to analyze differences in the use of physicians for ambulatory care and the extent to which these differences were attributable to the physician, the patient, or(More)
1659 indeed, the evidence to date suggests that when drug coverage for dual eligibles switched from Medi caid to Medicare, the prices for their drugs increased significantly.5 It’s on the basis of such logic that Obama’s recent proposal can be justified. A policy requiring that drug manufacturers offer subsidized Medicare beneficiaries the same prices that(More)
S recent reports have highlighted the mismatch between the health needs of the U.S. population and the specialty distribution of newly trained physicians, the continuing geographic maldistribution of physicians within the country, inadequate diversity among physicians, gaps in physicians’ skills for practicing in the new health care delivery context, and(More)