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intensity wars and social determinations of the HIV transmissions: the search for a new paradigm to guide research and control of the HIV-AIDS pandemic. black and Latino community organizations respond to the AIDS epidemic: a case study in one New York City neighbourhood. The publication of the Acheson report led to the proposal that directors of public(More)
Last year in this journal Hopkins' reviewed the various approaches to "medical audit", and looked at how such audit is likely to develop over the next few years. The essence of his article seems to be that medical audit, if successful, should improve the quality of care. However, Hopkins can provide no evidence that any of the three approaches to medical(More)
Three separate policy themes have been identified as important for the future development of effective health care in the United Kingdom. These are a focus on the extended primary care team as the prime means of healthcare delivery, 1–3 improved keeping of patients' records and communication between professionals , 4 and greater recognition of consumers'(More)
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