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This systematic review used the Joanna Briggs Institute Qualitative Assessment and Review Instrument to manage, appraise, analyse and synthesize textual data in order to present the best available information in relation to how patients experience nursing interventions and care during the perioperative period in the day surgery setting. Some of the(More)
In the field of software engineering, several empirical methods have been developed to model software projects before they are undertaken to provide an estimate of required effort, development time and cost. In the case of Web applications, this process is complicated by their complexity, multitiered nature, extensive use of noncode artifacts such as(More)
BACKGROUND Primary health care providers play a dominant role in the provision of palliative care (PC) in Australia but many gaps in after hours service remain. In some rural areas only 19% of people receiving palliative care achieve their goal of dying at home. This study, which builds on an earlier qualitative phase of the project, investigates the gaps(More)
This paper proposes OffshoreQA, a framework for supporting the efforts of offshore software development outsourcing vendors to comply with ISO 9001:2008 and in particular clause 7, which relates to product realization. The solution consists of an integrated requirements management, configuration management and test management system that define the main(More)
Surgical waiting lists are of high importance in countries, where the national health system is unable to deliver surgical services at a rate that would allow patients to avoid unnecessary periods of waiting. Prioritization of these lists, however, is frequently arbitrary and inconsistent. The objective of our research was to analyze the medical(More)
Many people in the community have a urinary catheter that is routinely changed by a community nurse. People with urinary catheters can experience a number of problems including catheter blockages. A blocked catheter causes great distress and inconvenience to the person and places a strain on the resources of community nursing organizations because of the(More)
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