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Medical researchers have called for new forms of translational science that can solve complex medical problems. Mainstream science has made complementary calls for heterogeneous teams of collaborators who conduct transdisciplinary research so as to solve complex social problems. Is transdisciplinary translational science what the medical community needs?(More)
We deene an algebra which synthesizes relational query concepts with object-oriented databases. The algebra fully supports abstract data types and object identity while providing associative access to objects, including a unique join capability. The operations take an abstract view of objects and access typed collections of objects through the public(More)
swizzling at page fault time: EEciently and compatibly supporting huge addresses on standard hardware. A performance study of alternative object faulting and pointer swizzling strategies. 18 performance between normal (non-compressed) RAM and disk 26]. 24 We are developing adaptive compression techniques that exploit the typical low information content and(More)
10 the mechanisms to capture engineering design information in a natural, effective and efficient manner. The resulting programming paradigm is unique and is especially geared to the engineering enterprise. Designer also satisfies the authors' formal domain theory of design information (HM). Our working premise has been that the derivation of a series of(More)
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