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We review 22 neuropsychological studies of frontal lobe functions in children with attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity (ADD/+H, ADD/-H). Some measures presumed to assess frontal lobe dysfunctions were not reliably sensitive to the deficits occurring in either form of ADD. Tests of response inhibition more reliably distinguished ADD/+H(More)
A battery of tests presumed to assess various frontal lobe functions in children was evaluated for the accuracy of the tests in classifying children as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Two groups of children were tested: (1) 66 children, ages 6-11 years, with ADHD, and (2) a normal community control group of 64 children of the same(More)
Evidence-based practice, the rigorous conduct of clinical analysis and intervention, includes practice-based evidence. Here, practice data were the source of three "clinical portraits" used for exploratory analysis of an array of cognitive and social problems in 30 children whose neurobehavioral profiles fulfilled psychometric criteria for a nonverbal(More)
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