Gail M Garvin

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Gram-negative nosocomial pneumonia may result from retrograde colonization of the pharynx from the stomach, and this may be more likely when the gastric pH is relatively high. We studied the rate of nosocomial pneumonia among 130 patients given mechanical ventilation in an intensive care unit who were receiving as prophylaxis for stress ulcer either(More)
for Clostridium difficile infections (CDIs). Because of similar disruptions to the intestinal microbiome found in IBD and in obesity, we conducted a retrospective study to clarify the role of obesity in CDI. We reviewed records of patients with laboratory-confirmed CDIs in a tertiary care medical center over a 6-month period. Of 132 patients, 43% had(More)
Pediatric intensive care nurses are frequently challenged by caring for critically ill patients with wounds or the potential for skin breakdown. This article summarizes wound care guidelines, discusses nutritional support, and provides a tool for assessing the pediatric patient at risk for skin breakdown.
A novel series of substituted 3-phenyl benzoylpyrazoles were prepared and tested as potential grass herbicides. The targeted materials were prepared by three newly developed synthetic routes, which allowed a comprehensive study of the SAR (structure-activity relationships) of this series. The best combination of grass weed activity (Avena fatua L, Setaria(More)
Caring for children with ostomies comprehensively requires that the healthcare professional understand issues related to normal growth and development as well as more specific medical information about disease processes and ostomy care. Parents should have a working knowledge of routine ostomy care and need guidelines to assist them in recognizing ostomy(More)
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