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The serum protein binding of salicylic acid (SA), sulfisoxazole (SUL), phenytoin (P), dexamethasone (D), diazepam (DI) and bilirubin (B) was determined in Long-Evans rats during pregnancy and after parturition. Serum free fraction (f) values were obtained by equilibrium dialysis (drugs) and by a reaction rate method (B). Concurrent control experiments were(More)
  • G Levy
  • 1998
Variability in the relationship between pharmacological effect intensity and drug concentration (pharmacodynamics) is pronounced, usually exceeding pharmacokinetic variability. Whereas interindividual differences are large, intra-individual differences are much smaller, unless the individual experiences certain pathophysiological changes such as(More)
The advent of ion-selective electrodes made possible the potentiometry of sodium in serum and plasma. These methods were based on dilution of serum, as done in flame photometry, and the results were identical. Analysis of whole blood precludes dilution and so "direct" potentiometry was developed. Results by this technique are variable but tend to compensate(More)