Gail L. Griffith

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This paper presents the first full micro costing of a commonly used cancer genetic counselling and testing protocol used in the UK. Costs were estimated for the Cardiff clinic of the Cancer Genetics Service in Wales by issuing a questionnaire to all staff, conducting an audit of clinic rooms and equipment and obtaining gross unit costs from the finance(More)
This paper systematically reviews the published economic research upon cancer genetics services for families at risk of having familial breast, ovarian or colorectal cancer. A structured search was made of 15 electronic databases. The search identified 1030 papers, of which 31 fulfilled the inclusion criteria, two were cost-benefit studies, five were cost(More)
The aim of this paper is to compare a service offering genetic testing and presymptomatic surveillance to women at increased risk of developing breast cancer with its predecessor of no service at all in terms of survival and quality-adjusted survival (QALYs) by means of a Markov cohort chain simulation model. Genetic assessment and presymptomatic care(More)
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