Gail Knudson

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ICD-11 (the eleventh edition of the World Health Organization International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) is due for approval in 2018. For transgender health care, the most important proposals for ICD-11 are as follows: (1) the five ICD-10 diagnoses (most notably Transsexualism and Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood)(More)
Directly active mutagens are formed on exposure of the promutagen benzo[a]pyrene to gaseous pollutants in smog. In simulated atmospheres containing 1 part per million nitrogen dioxide and traces of nitric acid, directly mutagenic nitro derivatives are readily formed from both benzo[a]pyrene and perylene, a non-mutagen in the Ames reversion assay. Possible(More)
INTRODUCTION.: Medical education in sexual health in the United States and Canada is lacking. Medical students and practicing physicians report being underprepared to adequately address their patients' sexual health needs. Recent studies have shown little instruction on sexual health in medical schools and little consensus around the type of material(More)
Current definitions of asexuality focus on sexual attraction, sexual behavior, and lack of sexual orientation or sexual excitation; however, the extent to which these definitions are accepted by self-identified asexuals is unknown. The goal of Study 1 was to examine relationship characteristics, frequency of sexual behaviors, sexual difficulties and(More)
INTRODUCTION Provoked vestibulodynia (PVD) is a distressing genital pain condition affecting 12% of women. Treatment modalities vary and although vestibulectomy has the highest efficacy rates, it is usually not a first-line option. Acupuncture has a long history in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) system and operates on the premise that pain results(More)
2015 was an unprecedented year in the recognition of transgender rights in some high-income countries. However, this recognition in the public domain has yet to translate to a concerted eff ort to support the right to health of transgender people around the world. Transgender people continue to face a range of challenges that deprive them of respect,(More)
The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care for transsexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming people (version 7) represent international normative standards for clinical care for these populations. Standards for optimal individual clinical care are consistent around the world, although the implementation of(More)
Importance In 2014, the US Department of Health and Human Services decided that its 1981 exclusion of transsexual surgical treatments from Medicare coverage was based on outdated, incomplete, and biased science and did not reflect current evidence or standards of care, and the exclusion was therefore lifted. As a direct result of this decision, surgeons(More)
Conflicting data exist regarding the sexual arousal patterns of post-operative male-to-female (MTF) women with Gender Identity Disorder. The purpose of this study was to examine objective and subjective aspects of the sexual arousal response using a vaginal photoplethysmograph. Fifteen MTF women viewed neutral and erotic audiovisual film segments while(More)