Gail Hamilton

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Neuronal morphology affects network connectivity, plasticity, and information processing. Uncovering the design principles and functional consequences of dendritic and axonal shape necessitates quantitative analysis and computational modeling of detailed experimental data. Digital reconstructions provide the required neuromorphological descriptions in a(More)
Over recent years, " Internet-able " applications have been used to support domains where distributed functionality is essential. This flexibility is also pertinent in situations where data is collected and derived to support a distributed set of stakeholders. There are major problems in this distributed data management scenario. One problem is the change(More)
The sharing of neuroimagery data offers great benefits to science, however, data owners sharing their data face substantial custodial responsibilities, such as ensuring data sets are correctly interpreted in their new shared context, protecting the identity and privacy of human research participants, and safeguarding the understood order of use. Given(More)
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