Gail F Preston

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The 32kD membrane protein stomatin was first studied because it is deficient from the red cell membrane in two forms of the class of haemolytic anaemias known as "hereditary stomatocytosis." The hallmark of these conditions is a plasma membrane leak to the monovalent cations Na+ and K+: the protein is missing only in the most severely leaky of these(More)
Reye syndrome (RS) is believed to occur infrequently among children receiving long-term aspirin therapy. We reviewed all cases of RS reported to the Michigan Department of Public Health during 1982 and 1983. Three of the 36 patients were receiving aspirin for the treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. All three patients had clinical courses(More)
Background: Evidence suggests exercise may benefit patients with advanced progressive illness and some hospice day services now provide dedicated gym space. However, supporting data for such a service development are limited. We describe patient referrals, interventions, feedback, and potential impact of a nine-session, outpatient, hospice-based, circuit(More)
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