Gail Cook Johnson

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A representative sample of 68-year-old men living in the city of Malmö, Sweden, was examined by means of psychological tests and questionnaires regarding cognitive capacity, cognitive style as an expression of personality, and life satisfaction. Reference values for these parameters are presented, and a continuous cohort increase of verbal ability could be(More)
Greater use of key self-regulatory behaviors (e.g., self-monitoring of food intake and weight) is associated with greater weight loss within behavioral weight loss treatments, although this association is less established within widely-available commercial weight loss programs. Further, high hedonic hunger (i.e., susceptibility to environmental food cues)(More)
In this study gender language differences in the written description of color were analyzed. The total number of words used, number of tertiary level terms used, and normative emotionality were assessed. Women were found to use more words to describe color than men. An interaction effect among gender and age was found for the number of tertiary level words(More)
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