Gail Childs

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The interactions between isolated resident mice and anosmic, juvenile, submissive and dominant intruders were studied; the responses of intruder mice to being attacked and the distribution of bites on these subjects were investigated. Anosmic, juvenile and (trained) submissive intruders did not attack residents; they did, however, show differences both in(More)
Multi hop ad hoc networks rely on the cooperation between nodes to relay information between a source and destination. Depending on their location, some nodes may be better placed than others to offer a relay function and this may lead to early exhaustion of the battery energy of these nodes. To address this problem, this paper investigates the use of a(More)
An unequal error protection (UEP) scheme is proposed which complies with the UMTS standards defined by 3GPP and is also customised according to the requirements of the video codec (MPEG-4), channel conditions and bandwidth limitations. The results show significant PSNR and frame loss saving improvements. Introduction: Any UEP scheme would normally seek to(More)
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