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According to many dental professionals, the decay effects from the accumulation of sugar on teeth are a very difficult concept for young children to learn. Playing the dental hygiene game with Thinking Tags brings context into the classroom. Instead of watching a demonstration of the accumulation of sugars on a screen or being told about dental health, this(More)
In this study, small wearable microprocessor-driven GroupWear tags are used in a science classroom in order to investigate the effects on the nature and quality of discourse among students. The Thinking Tags are pre-programmed to run a genetics simulation for the purpose of exploring concepts related to inheritance, such as genotype, phenotype, probability(More)
Urgent action is needed to address mental health issues globally. In Africa, where mental health disorders account for a huge burden of disease and disability, and where in general less than 1% of the already small health budgets are spent on these disorders, the need for action is acute and urgent. Members of the World Health Organization, including(More)
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