Gail A. Fournier

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A commercial perfluoroether liquid, Fomblin-H Fluorinated Fluid, which is transparent and viscous, was investigated as a possible long-term vitreous substitute. The material belongs to a family of perfluorocarbon derivatives that are generally inert and nontoxic. A space for the vitreous substitute was created in rabbit eyes by a vitreous compression(More)
Two kinds of fluorinated oils (a fluorosilicone oil and a perfluoroether [Freon E15]) that have a higher density than water were evaluated as long-term vitreous substitutes. Vitreous compression using perfluoropropane gas was performed to create a space for the vitreous substitute in rabbit eyes. Two fluorosilicone oils (1000 and 10 000 centistokes) induced(More)
A corneal micropocket assay for angiogenesis in the rat eye is described in detail. With our test system, a partially purified, low molecular-weight endothelial cell growth stimulatory factor isolated from the Walker 256 rat carcinosarcoma is demonstrated to have potent angiogenic activity in vivo. The advantages and applications of our rat corneal assay(More)
One hundred years ago the fledgling ophthalmologist Carl Koller demonstrated that the alkaloid cocaine was a local anesthetic suitable for rendering the eye temporarily insensible to pain. It was an event of historical significance, as his discovery opened the door not only to a new era in ophthalmic surgery, but to surgery in general. In this paper we(More)
The clinical and histopathologic features of three cases of oxyphil cell adenomas (oncocytomas) include two cases involving the lacrimal sac and one involving the caruncle. These lesions generally occur in the caruncle of elderly women, although they have been reported to involve the conjunctiva, lacrimal sac, and rarely the lacrimal gland. They are usually(More)
Local resection was performed as palliative treatment of solitary hepatic metastases from choroidal melanoma in two patients. One patient survived three years after partial hepatectomy, and the second patient was in excellent clinical condition one year after hepatic resection despite radiologic evidence of possible recurrent metastases elsewhere. Our(More)
A new continuous retinoblastoma cell line (Rb 355-7) derived from a nonfamilial unilaterally-affected child was studied morphologically and with regard to HLA expression. The tumor was compared with two older and widely studied cell lines, the Y-79 and WERI-Rb1 strains. The Rb 355-7 line grew in tissue culture in clusters and chains. Its doubling time was(More)
We studied a synthetic hydrogel, PHEA [poly(2-hydroxyethyl acrylate)], experimentally. The material is transparent, autoclavable , highly viscous, nonabsorbable, easily injectable, cohesive, and does not fragment on passage through small-gauge needles. Results in animal studies revealed that injection of PHEA into the vitreous cavity promoted inflammatory(More)