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Experimental observations of adaptation processes of the motor control system to altered gravity conditions can provide useful elements to the investigations on the mechanisms underlying motor control of human subject. The microgravity environment obtained on orbital flights represents a unique experimental condition for the monitoring of motor adaptation.(More)
[Mn(bpy)(CO)3Br] cast in a Nafion membrane is an active heterogeneous electrocatalyst with good selectivity for CO2 reduction to CO in neutral aqueous electrolyte. Addition of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) leads to a ∼10 fold current enhancement and stable CO : H2 yields (1 : 2) at -1.4 V vs. Ag/AgCl at pH 7.
Experiments executed on the upper limb are assuming increasing significance in the frame of the Human Physiology in space, for at least two reasons: the upper limb is the principal means of locomotion for the subject living in a space station; furthermore, fatigue can have a significant effect on the hand, for the ordinary work on board, and in particular(More)
Nanostructuring of electrode materials is a promising approach to enhance the performance of next-generation, high-energy density lithium (Li)-ion batteries. Various experimental and theoretical approaches allow for a detailed understanding of solid-state or surface-controlled reactions that occur in nanoscaled electrode materials. While most techniques(More)
The development of selective electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction in water offers a sustainable route to carbon based fuels and feedstocks. However, molecular catalysts are typically studied in non-aqueous solvents, in part to avoid competitive H2 evolution. [Ni(cyclam)]2+ (1) is one of the few known electrocatalysts that operate in water and 30 years after(More)
The level of particulate contamination in water small volume injections available in Italy has been determined. The influence of the ampoule size, breaking system, manual method of ampoule opening and the type of instrument used for the determination have been evaluated. The distribution of the particles inside the batch of the sample was also studied.