Gaia Kullmann

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Of 731 patients with papillary thyroid cancer, 91 had metastases outside regional lymph nodes. The most common site was intrathoracic, occurring in 73 of the 91 patients. Miliary, micronodular pulmonary metastases, with iodine 131 (I-131) uptake and "curable" by I-131 treatment were encountered in seven patients. It has not been established whether this was(More)
PURPOSE To analyze interobserver variability of ultrasonography (US) as an adjunct to mammography in patients with palpable noncalcified breast tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS Mammographic, US, and combined reading of 200 patients with palpable noncalcified breast masses were performed independently by four experienced radiologists. Nonneoplastic(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the diagnostic accuracy of mammography, ultrasonography (US), and both methods combined in evaluation of palpable noncalcified breast tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS Mammograms and sonograms of 200 patients with palpable noncalcified breast masses were retrospectively analyzed independently by four experienced radiologists in 3 sessions:(More)
Internal bleeding in patients undergoing orchiectomy for a malignant testicular tumor can cause a dissecting hematoma in the retroperitoneum. This mass may have the clinical appearance of an iliac fossa mass and may simulate metastasis on computed tomography (CT). This condition was seen in four of 486 orchiectomy patients who underwent postoperative(More)
The predictive significance of the mass detected following chemotherapy was assessed in 46 patients with advanced seminoma. Patients with residual viable seminoma in the post-chemotherapy operation specimen or who developed recurrent disease were regarded as chemotherapy failures. This group included 1 of 20 patients in whom the retroperitoneal masses were(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysm in a selected group of men over the age of 60, and define main risk factors. DESIGN Population based screening study. SETTING Private Norwegian health maintenance organisation. SUBJECTS 500 men over the age of 60 years. INTERVENTIONS General examination by a general practitioner,(More)
Cornelia de Lange syndrome is a well-known multiple congenital anomalies/intellectual disability syndrome with genetic heterogeneity and wide clinical variability, regarding the severity of both the intellectual disabilities and the physical features, not completely explained by the genotype-phenotype correlations known to date. The aim of the study was the(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings were studied at disease onset in two subjects presenting with Rasmussen's syndrome. Particular attention was paid to abnormalities detected during the prodromic phase before clinical outcome suggested the existence of chronic encephalitis. EEG recordings showed focal, polymorphic abnormalities associated with slow(More)