Gafurjan I. Ibragimov

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We consider pursuit and evasion differential game problems described by an infinite system of differential equations with countably many Pursuers in Hilbert space. Integral constraints are imposed on the controls of players. In this paper an attempt has been made to solve an evasion problem under the condition that the total resource of the Pursuers is less(More)
We consider an evasion differential game of many pursuers and one evader with integral constraints in the plane. The game is described by simple equations. Each component of the control functions of players is subjected to integral constraint. Evasion is said to be possible if the state of the evader does not coincide with that of any pursuer. Strategy of(More)
We study pursuit and evasion differential game problems described by infinite number of first-order differential equations with function coefficients in Hilbert space l2. Problems involving integral, geometric, and mix constraints to the control functions of the players are considered. In each case, we give sufficient conditions for completion of pursuit(More)
We consider a linear pursuit game of one pursuer and one evader whose motions are described by different-type linear discrete systems. Position of the evader satisfies phase constraints: y∈G, where G is a subset of Rn. We considered two cases: (1) controls of the players satisfy geometric constraints, and (2) controls of the players satisfy total(More)
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