Gaetano Sivo

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High contrast coronagraphic imaging is a challenging task for telescopes with central obscurations and thick spider vanes, such as the Subaru Telescope. Our group is currently assembling an extreme AO bench designed as an upgrade for the newly commissionned coronagraphic imager instrument HiCIAO, that addresses these difficulties. The so-called SCExAO(More)
Adaptive optics provides real time correction of wavefront disturbances on ground based telescopes. Optimizing control and performance is a key issue for ever more demanding instruments on ever larger telescopes affected not only by atmospheric turbulence, but also by vibrations, windshake and tracking errors. Linear Quadratic Gaussian control achieves(More)
Perturbation modelling and vibration compensation are key issues to reach better performance in adaptive optics systems for VLTs and future ELTs. In this context, an LQG controller is to be implemented for the tip-tilt loop of the multi-conjugate adaptive optics instrument GeMS. The performance of several models, associated with their identification(More)
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