Gaetano Guerra

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Chemical sensors are generally based on the integration of suitable sensitive layers and transducing mechanisms. Although inorganic porous materials can be effective, there is significant interest in the use of polymeric materials because of their easy fabrication process, lower costs and mechanical flexibility. However, porous polymeric absorbents are(More)
We have evaluated three analytical methods for determining inorganic phosphorus in serum applied to the Technicon RA-I000 analyzer: a fully enzymatic colorimetric method based on the specific system purine nucleoside phosphorylase/xanthine oxidase coupled to an indicator colorimetric reaction similar to the Trinder reaction; a chemical method involving the(More)
The s-PS used in this study was manufactured by Dow Chemical Company under the trademark Questra 101. The 13 C nuclear magnetic resonance characterization showed that the content of syndiotactic triads was over 98%. The weight-average molar mass obtained by gel permeation chromatography (GPC) in trichlorobenzene at 135°C was found to be M w =3.2 10 5 with(More)
The diffusional behavior of helium and carbon dioxide in crystalline syndiotactic polystyrene, in its nanoporous δ form, has been studied by means of molecular simulation. Crystallographic directions corresponding to prevailing diffusion pathways between crystalline cavities have been determined. Moreover diffusion coefficients and their anisotropy at(More)
Crystallization and morphological features of syndiotactic-b-atactic polystyrene stereodiblock copolymers (sPS-b-aPS), atactic/syndiotactic polystyrene blends (aPS/sPS), and aPS/sPS blends modified with sPS-b-aPS, with different compositions in aPS and sPS, have been investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), polarized light optical(More)
Supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) treatments of a montmorillonite (MMT) intercalated with ammonium cations bearing two long hydrocarbon tails (organo-modified MMT, OMMT) led to OMMT exfoliation, with loss of the long-range order in the packing of the hydrocarbon tails and maintenance of the long-range order in the clay layers. The intercalated and the(More)
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