Gaetano Gerardi

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In this work the Low Level Vision Unit (LLVU) of the Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Machine for Image Analysis (HERMIA) is described. The LLVU consists of the innovative integration of six A1 10 DSP (Digital Signal Processing). Two main features have been considered in the design: the generality and the extendibility; the LLVU can be fully programmable(More)
Dead-time losses are well recognized and studied drawbacks in counting and spectroscopic systems. In this work the abilities on dead-time correction of a real-time digital pulse processing (DPP) system for high-rate high-resolution radiation measurements are presented. The DPP system, through a fast and slow analysis of the output waveform from radiation(More)
modules in order to perform different levels of the In this paper is described the general architecture of an analysis. The LLP module is dedicated to low level Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Machine for Image the ILP performs the intermediate Analysis (HERMIA); the first prototype of the system has the performs high and been developed at the University(More)
In this work we present a detection system, based on a CdTe detector and an innovative digital pulse processing (DPP) system, for high-rate X-ray spectroscopy in mammography (1-30 keV). The DPP system performs a height and shape analysis of the detector pulses, sampled and digitized by a 14-bit, 100 MHz ADC. We show the results of the characterization of(More)
Distributed perceptual systems are endowed with different kind of sensors, from which information flows to suitable modules to perform useful elaborations for decisions making. In this paper a new distributed architecture , named " Distributed Architecture for Intelligent System " (DAISY), is proposed. It is based on the concept of cooperating behavioral(More)
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