Gaetano Ferrante

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We have investigated the laser-assisted radiative recombination in the presence of a few-cycle pulse with the aim of demonstrating means of controlling such process. Within the Coulomb-Volkov approach already employed to describe the radiative recombination assisted by a monochromatic laser field, we have found that the emitted photon spectrum is affected(More)
The formation of a highly anisotropic photoelectron velocity distribution as a result of the interaction of a powerful ultrashort laser pulse with a thin foil is found to yield a large skin-layer depth and an anomalous increase of the transmission coefficient. The physical reason for the effect is the influence of the incident wave magnetic field, through(More)
We describe the linear stage of Weibel instability in a plasma heated via inverse bremsstrahlung absorption of a high-frequency, moderate intensity radiation field under conditions in which the plasma electron velocity distribution function is weakly anisotropic. We report on the possibility of a significant amplification of spontaneous magnetic fields both(More)
The third-harmonic generation of a pump wave, resulting from the electron-ion collision frequency dependence on the electric field in the skin layer of a hot dense plasma is investigated. The relation of the current third harmonic with the high-frequency field in the skin layer is established for arbitrary ratios of the electron-ion collision frequency to(More)
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