Gaetano Distefano

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Constitutive over-expression of antifungal genes from microorganisms involved in plant defence mechanisms represents a promising strategy for conferring genetic resistance against a broad range of plant pathogenic fungi. In the present work, two transgenic lemon clones with the chit42 gene from Trichoderma harzianum were tested for resistance to fungal(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY A new set of pomegranate microsatellites was selected and characterized to assess the level of genetic diversity among cultivars and wild genotypes. • METHODS AND RESULTS Nine Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers were obtained using the Microsatellite-AFLP technique and were successfully amplified in 34 genotypes(More)
In contrast to model species, the self-incompatibility reaction in citrus has been poorly studied. It is assumed to be gametophytically determined and genetically controlled by the S-locus, which in other species encodes for glycoproteins (S-RNases) showing ribonuclease activity. To investigate pollen–pistil interaction, the pollen tube growth of two(More)
Reproductive biology in citrus is still poorly understood. Although in recent years several efforts have been made to study pollen-pistil interaction and self-incompatibility, little information is available about the molecular mechanisms regulating these processes. Here we report the identification of candidate genes involved in pollen-pistil interaction(More)
Peel color is one of the main features affecting citrus quality. Clementine is a widespread citrus species with several mutants showing a delay in pigmentation and harvesting. This work characterizes the fruit development and ripening of two clementine clones, 'Comune', a widespread variety, and one of its natural mutations, 'Tardivo', which differ by a(More)
Pollination of pummelo (Citrus grandis L. Osbeck) pistils has been studied in planta by adding compatible and self-incompatible (SI) pollen to the stigma surface. The pollen germination has been monitored inside the pistil by fluorescent microscopy showing SI altered morphologies with irregular depositions of callose in the tube walls, and heavy callose(More)
'Tardivo' mandarin is a mutant of 'Comune' Clementine with a delay in peel degreening and coloration, allowing late harvesting. In this work, we have explored if the late-harvesting phenotype of 'Tardivo' mandarin is related to altered perception and sensitivity to ethylene. The peel degreening rate was examined after a single ethephon treatment or during a(More)
High resolution melting curve analysis (HRM) has been used as an efficient, accurate and cost-effective tool to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or insertions or deletions (INDELs). However, its efficiency, accuracy and applicability to discriminate microsatellite polymorphism have not been extensively assessed. The traditional protocols used(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS An intense pollen-pistil interaction precedes fertilization. This interaction is of particular relevance in agronomically important species where seeds or fruits are the edible part. Over time some agronomically species have been selected for the ability to produce fruit without seeds. While this phenomenon is critical for commercial(More)
Citrus taxonomy is very complex mainly due to specific aspects of its reproductive biology. A number of studies have been performed using various molecular markers in order to evaluate the level of genetic variability in Citrus. SNP markers have been used for genetic diversity assessment using a variety of different methods. Recently, the availability of(More)