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Pituitary-hypothalamic abnormalities due to impaired cerebrospinal fluid circulation have long been recognized. The aim of this study was to assess pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, and gonadal function in 46 prepubertal (22 M and 24 F) and 10 pubertal (4 M and 6 F) subjects with myelomeningocele (MMC). Basal serum levels of FT3, FT4, TSH, PRL, LH, FSH, T or E2,(More)
Over the last decade, the survival of premature babies has improved dramatically. Such infants, especially those with extremely low birth weight, are still affected by dangerous complications occurring during the neonatal period that often cause brain damage. Intraventricular-intraparenchymal haemorrhage (IVH-IPH), periventricular leukomalacia (PVL),(More)
High order gestation rates have increased in many western countries in the last decades, which is mostly attributable to a contemporaneous increase in maternal age and infertility treatment. Multiple births have been associated with increased maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality during pregnancy and delivery, including the higher risk for spontaneous(More)
Neonates with out-of-hospital cardiovascular emergencies get to Emergency Department or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a state of shock, which is a complex clinical syndrome characterized by an acute failure of the circulatory system with inadequate tissue and organ perfusion. It has been demonstrated that early recognition and time-sensitive aggressive(More)
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