Gaetano C. La Delfa

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Every moment of our day takes place in a location, identified by geographical coordinates which connect physical and digital world. For that reason it’s important to know the user position: it enables new location-related services and give to the people the opportunity to find their way in complex environments such as hospitals. The best approach to realize(More)
The massive diffusion of smartphones, the growing interest in wearable devices and the Internet of Things, and the exponential rise of location based services (LBSs) have made the problem of localization and navigation inside buildings one of the most important technological challenges of recent years. Indoor positioning systems have a huge market in the(More)
In the last years, a lot of attention has been paid to Internet of Things (IoT): everyday life objects, thanks to the advanced technological features added to them, are becoming “smarter”. Regarding this new and potentially disruptive field, it is important to take into account the primary role that the user has in these ecosystems. IoT applications will be(More)
Pultruded composites are increasingly employed for structural applications some of which may be sensitive to fire[1]. For that reason, glass/phenolic pultrusions, which have better fire reaction properties (smoke production, heat release, time-to-ignition, etc.), are sometimes used as an alternative to the more commonly employed glass/polyester. The purpose(More)
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