Gaetano Belverde

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Short circuit faults of IGBTs determine overcurrent through the devices subsequently to a turn-on switching or during the on-state condition, leading respectively to hard switching fault (HSF) or fault under load (FUL). Firstly, the state of the art as appearing in literature is recalled and discussed. A new short-circuit protection scheme, which allows(More)
The successful use of series connected strings of MOSFETs or IGBTs, requires equalizing the dynamic and static voltage sharing across the devices. The dynamic voltage imbalance is generally managed via the slope control of the output voltages by snubber capacitors, or by active balancing circuits on the gate side. In this paper, a novel approach, based on(More)
The paper deals with a new concept applied in designing low-voltage power MOSFETs, which are suitable for high-current low-voltage converter applications, The layout of the proposed device family overcomes the traditional cell structure by a new strip-based geometry. The authors present interesting characteristics due to the advanced design rules typical of(More)
This paper deals with the design optimization of a strip-based low-voltage power MOSFET devoted to synchronous rectifier applications. By performing exhaustive characterizations and accurate process simulations based on a two-dimensional model of the power MOSFET structure, optimization of the main electrical static and dynamic characteristics has been(More)
This paper deals with the performance evaluation of low-voltage power MOSFETs having integrated Schottky diodes into the same die. The combined MOSFET-Schottky diode structure has been realized in order to improve both the efficiency and the performances of low power synchronous-rectifier buck converters in the field of mobile applications. The main(More)
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