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Brain mapping studies have shown abnormal changes in cerebral blood volume and oxygen consumption, or other neurophysiological abnormalities, in panic disorder (PD) patients. Because of these intriguing reports, we decided to assess the neuroanatomical aspects of patients with PD using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We included 31 consecutive cases with(More)
Thirty consecutive lactate-sensitive panic disorder patients were studied with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to investigate the relationship between temporal lobe abnormalities and panic disorder. Neuroanatomical abnormalities, most involving the right temporal lobe, were found in 43% of patients, compared with 10% of the control subjects. Patients with(More)
We investigated the effects of a CCK-A receptor antagonist on the development of mother preference. Lambs received 2-NAP either at birth or 6, or 12 h later. Controls were given saline. When tested at 24 h of age, lambs receiving 2-NAP at birth or 6 h later did not display mother preference unlike controls and lambs which were given 2-NAP at 12 h. The(More)
The 50 patients in this survey were classified by a panel of neurologists into 4 clinical sub-groups: Group Ia ("typical" Friedreich's ataxia, complete picture), Group Ib ("typical" Friedreich's ataxia, incomplete picture), Group IIa ("atypical" Frriedreich's ataxia, possible recessive Roussy-Levy syndrome), Group IIb (heterogeneous ataxias). The clinical(More)
Friedreich's ataxia patients show evidence of an abnormally elevated and prolonged response of pyruvate and lactate to a glucose load, with normal fasting levels. However, ther is a bimodal distribution of this response with high and low pyruvate responders. This trait appears to be determined genetically, However, although in vivo tests suggest low(More)
PURPOSE To locate the origin of the pain during lumbar diskography by means of a limited intradiskal injection of a local anesthetic. METHODS Lumbar diskography by the direct central posterior approach was performed in 235 consecutive patients. In 17 patients, severe and persistent low back pain, with unilateral or bilateral radiation to the lower(More)
OBJECTIVES Medication errors constitute a major problem in all hospitals. Between 20% and 46% of prescriptions requiring dosage adjustments based on renal function are inappropriate. This study aimed to determine whether implementing alerts at the time of ordering medication integrated into the computerized physician order entry decreases the proportion of(More)
Our prospective survey of 50 ataxic patients confirms the previous finding of frequent clinical or chemical diabetes in Friedreich's ataxia. Eighteen percent of our typical cases have clinical diabetes and 40% at least an abnormal glucose tolerance curve. However, this finding does not appear to be specific to that form of ataxia. Furthermore, we have shown(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the function and phenotype of CD8(+) T-cells targeting consensus and autologous sequences of entire HIV-1 Nef protein. METHODS Multiparameter flow cytometry-based analysis was used to evaluate the responses of two treatment naïve HIV-infected individuals, during primary and the chronic phases of infection. RESULTS A greater(More)
Research in panic disorder (PD) has highlighted a low biological threshold (lactate infusion). Also, several studies have shown neurophysiological changes with PD patients: increased brain perfusion (Stewart), parahypocampal hyper-perfusion (Reiman) and we reported an increased incidence of epileptiform abnormalities. In order to assess neuroanatomical(More)