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The phosphorylation of the internal and integral membrane (M1) protein of influenza virus was studied. Four points can be made based on the data: (1) The M1 contains at least two moles of phosphate per mole of M1. (2) Phosphorylation of M1 is conserved between influenza A, B and C viruses. Other characteristics of the M1 are also conserved, such as(More)
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) affects Latinos at twice the rate seen in populations of European descent. We recently identified a risk haplotype spanning SLC16A11 that explains ∼20% of the increased T2D prevalence in Mexico. Here, through genetic fine-mapping, we define a set of tightly linked variants likely to contain the causal allele(s). We show that variants(More)
The cytosol-facing membranes of cellular organelles contain proteins that enable signal transduction, regulation of morphology and trafficking, protein import and export, and other specialized processes. Discovery of these proteins by traditional biochemical fractionation can be plagued with contaminants and loss of key components. Using peroxidase-mediated(More)
Significant insights into disease pathogenesis have been gleaned from population-level genetic studies; however, many loci associated with complex genetic disease contain numerous genes, and phenotypic associations cannot be assigned unequivocally. In particular, a gene-dense locus on chromosome 11 (61.5-61.65 Mb) has been associated with inflammatory bowel(More)
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