Gael Piquilloud

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In this study, we present a prospective series of medial triceps free flaps for ankle and foot complex defects coverage and discuss its numerous advantages. Between January 2011 and December 2012, eight patients, two women and six men underwent medial triceps brachii (MTB) free flap procedure to cover defects localized at the ankle and foot in our(More)
The anatomical features of the posterior compartment of the arm seem to provide the basis to raise one of the smallest free muscular flaps, with minimal donor site morbidity: the medial triceps free flap. The anatomic study was carried out on 27 fresh cadaver arms: 7 prepared for corrosion cast, 15 for simple dissection and 5 for dissection after latex(More)
Lymphedema is a pathologic condition that results from a disturbance of the lymphatic system, with localized fluid retention and tissue swelling. Primary lymphedema is a congenital disorder, caused by a malformation of lymph vessels or nodes. Major progress has been achieved in the radiologic diagnosis of patients affected by lymphedema. The ideal treatment(More)
In the aftermath of a forearm trauma, tendon contractures are difficult to diagnose and evoke nerve compression or muscle ischemia (Volkmann's syndrome). One rarely thinks of tendon incarceration within the fracture and the diagnosis is often made long after. During claw fingers retraction, it is known as "false Volkmann's syndrome" (Baudet and Lafond,(More)
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