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The objectives of this study were to compare different welding fumes in regard to their potential to elicit lung inflammation or injury and to examine possible mechanisms whereby welding fumes may damage the lungs. Fume was collected on filters from conventional spray [mild steel (MS-SPRAY) or stainless steel (SS-SPRAY) electrode wire] or pulsed current(More)
Upper-level undergraduate text for process design courses in chemical engineering. Introduces students to the technology & terminology they will encounter in industrial practice. Presents shortcut techniques for specifying equipment or isolating important elements of a design project. Emphasizes project definition, flow sheet development & equipment(More)
  • G Ulrich
  • 1985
In opposition to a dualistic conception of psychosomatic medicine which implies a determination of the psychical by the physical or vice versa we emphasize a circular relationship between a biological individuum on the one hand, comprising the psychical and the physical and its environment on the other. From this, every therapy appears as an interactional(More)
Numerous terms commonly used in psychiatry show a lack of preciseness and logical consistency. This results in an obscuration of the objects under observation and generates fictitious problems which function as a source of permanent confusion. The reasons for this are analyzed and exemplified with respect to organic psychoses.
General practitioners have been questioned by the Society of panel doctors of Bavaria about the status, deficiencies and the future focus of prevention in the medical office. The results of this questionnaire was compared to similar studies from Niedersachsen and Switzerland. From these results, conclusions should be drawn for initiatives of the medical(More)
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