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Research and development of information access technology for scanned paper documents has been hampered by the lack of public test collections of realistic scope and complexity. As part of a project to create a prototype system for search and mining of masses of document images, we are assembling a 1.5 terabyte dataset to support evaluation of both(More)
Vessel tree reconstruction in volumetric data is a necessary prerequisite in various medical imaging applications. Specifically, when considering the application of automated lung nodule detection in thoracic computed tomography (CT) scans, vessel trees can be used to resolve local ambiguities based on global considerations and so improve the performance of(More)
We propose a novel vessel enhancement filter for retinal images. The filter can be used as a preprocessing step in applications such as vessel segmentation/visualization, and pathology detection. The proposed filter combines the eigenvalues of the Hessian matrix, the response of matched filters, and edge constraints on multiple scales. The eigenvectors of(More)
The development of a brain template for diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is crucial for comparisons of neuronal structural integrity and brain connectivity across populations, as well as for the development of a white matter atlas. Previous efforts to produce a DTI brain template have been compromised by factors related to image quality, the effectiveness of(More)
In searching a repository of business documents, a task of interest is that of using a query signature image to retrieve from a database, other signatures matching the query. The signature retrieval task involves a two-step process of extracting all the signatures from the documents and then performing a match on these signatures. This paper presents a(More)