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Movements and Media as Interacting Systems
In this article, some organizing principles and hypotheses are offered concerning the ways in which social movements interact with the news media and the outcomes for both parties. The structuralExpand
Media and Political Conflict: News from the Middle East
Introduction Part I. The Rules of Combat: 1. The structural dimension: the struggle over access 2. The cultural dimension: the struggle over meaning 3. Media influence and political outcomes Part II.Expand
Making Sense of Media and Politics: Five Principles in Political Communication
Part I: Political Actors Compete Over the News Media 1. Political Power and Power Over the Media 2. Political Control and Media Independence Part II: Turning Politics Into News 3. No Such Thing asExpand
Competing Actors and the Construction of Political News: The Contest Over Waves in Israel
The study is meant to provide a more actor-oriented approach to the construction of political news by looking at the competition over news exposure during political waves in Israel. Political wavesExpand
Promoting Peace through the News Media:
This article attempts to examine the role of the news media in an ongoing peace process. The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the city of Oslo led, in August 1993, to one of the most importantExpand
Political information repertoires and political participation
It is argued that in today’s high-choice media environment, individuals and groups with the highest level of political interest are more likely to develop richer political information repertoires that involve exploiting both digital and traditional ways of searching for political information. Expand
ImagiNation: news discourse, nationhood and civil society
This article explores the ways in which television news broadcasts represent and construct nationhood in circumstances of protracted political and often military conflict. Such circumstances can leadExpand