Gadi Bartur

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study assessed the potential therapeutic benefi t of using HandTutor™ in combination with traditional rehabilitation in a post-stroke sub-acute population. The study compares an experimental group receiving traditional therapy combined with HandTutorTM treatment, against a control group receiving only traditional therapy. (More)
AIM To examine test-retest reliability of time and frequency domain heart rate variability (HRV) in patients 1 month after stroke during rest, paced breathing and light-to-moderate physical activity. METHODS Fifteen patients up to 1 month after stroke underwent two measurements of HRV, with the measurements 4 days apart. Measurements took place under(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the neurophysiological manifestations of the mechanism underlying the effects of Mirror Visual Feedback (MVF) during manual movement. METHOD Thirteen healthy right handed individuals were assessed while performing repeated unilateral wrist extension movements with and without MVF. The effect of MVF on EEG oscillations was studied(More)
AIM To investigate the pattern of overflow facilitated by the use of resistive proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). METHOD In a group of 12 young, healthy individuals, recruitment of electrical activity into the tibialis anterior (TA) muscle of the right lower limb (RLL) was assessed using surface electromyography (sEMG) during a(More)
A. Personal Statement: I am a physical therapist involved in clinical treatment, clinical instruction and research. I am the research coordinator for the physical therapy department of "Reuth" Rehabilitation Hospital. My main interest is in implementing current neurophysiological knowledge into daily PT practice. I was trained as a bio-feedback practitioner(More)
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