Gaby Herrmann

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This paper deals with the computer-aided generation of reduced-order macromodels (ROMs) for system level simulation using VHDL-AMS. The focus is thereby set on the application of ROMs in system simulation. It also gives an survey of our approach of reduced-order modeling. VHDL-AMS is used to describe microelectromechanical systems based on lumped and rigid(More)
Among other areas electronic commerce includes the fields of electronic markets and workflow management. Workflow management systems are usually used to specify and manage interand intra-organisational business processes. Although workflow management techniques are capable to specify and conduct at least parts of market transactions, these techniques are(More)
This paper presents an approach for modeling and realization of an inertial navigation system. This system consists of two new 2-D acceleration sensor arrays, three gyroscopes, digital error correction, gravitation compensation, supporting point inclusion, and software application. Modeling is achieved using SystemC-AMS for analog parts and SystemC for(More)
The opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility. 6 Privacy on a Network – Juan Manuel Fernández López This article offers an overview of the European and Spanish law on the protection of the personal privacy with respect to the use of the information technologies. Security, like many other network aspects, has a physical component(More)
Mit dem Beginn der kommerziellen Nutzung des Internet hat Electronic Commerce eine neue Entwicklungsstufe erreicht. Der Einstieg in Electronic Commerce bringt durch sinkende Informationskosten und stärkere Integration der einzelnen Geschäftsschritte neue Möglichkeiten der effizienten Durchführung von Geschäften mit sich. Dem stehen jedoch neue Risiken(More)