Gabrielle Rudenko

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12. 13. 14. 15. B. C. Melnik and S. F. Melnik, Analyt. Biochem., 171, No. 2, 320 (1988). K. S. Park, B. F. Frost, S. Shin, et al., Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 267, No. 1, 195 (1988). G. Schonfeld, E. S. Krnl, Y. Kleinman, and S. Keidar, Atherosclerosis 8, Amsterdam (1989), pp. 311-314. V. Shanmugam and B. Nagarajam, Bioehem. Int., 15, No. 3, 491 (1987). S. G.(More)
We investigated blood cells suspension filterability of 16 donors. The filtration was performed trough 5 microns-pore nuclear filters at constant perfusion pressure 10(5) din/cm2. We estimated also the adherence of leukocytes and platelets on nylon. The adherence of platelets and mononuclear leukocytes reduced the level of the suspension filterability only(More)
Indices of the system of hemostasis, the levels of glycolysated hemoglobin were studied in 67 patients suffering from non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with lower limb angiopathies (aged 40 to 60). Rheovasography of the lower limbs was performed. The patients were treated with antidiabetic drugs per os (with the exception of hydroxydione sodium(More)
There was investigated the leukocyte and erythrocyte filtration in blood of 25 donors men. The blood filtration was performed through 5 m pores of nuclear filters at constant perfusion pressure 100 cm H2O. Erythrocytes didn't influence on the leukocyte filtration in blood. Filtration properties of leukocytes together with their number was more important at(More)
A study of hemostasis and lipid metabolism, a basal level of immunoreactive insulin, hemoglobin A1C was performed in 81 patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and associated angiopathy of the legs. Decompensated stage of the diabetes was characterized by hypercoagulation and hyperlipidemia. Treatment of diabetic angiopathy of the legs should(More)
The three-dimensional structures of LG/LNS domains from neurexin, the laminin alpha 2 chain and sex hormone-binding globulin reveal a close structural relationship to the carbohydrate-binding pentraxins and other lectins. However, these LG/LNS domains appear to have a preferential ligand-interaction site distinct from the carbohydrate-binding sites found in(More)
A modular method for pursuing structure-based inhibitor design in the framework of a design cycle is presented. The approach entails four stages: (1) a design pathway is defined in the three-dimensional structure of a target protein; (2) this pathway is divided into subregions; (3) complementary building blocks, also called fragments, are designed in each(More)
Some indices of the system of homeostasis, lipid metabolism, lipid peroxidation (LPO), the levels of IRI, C-peptide, glycosylated Hb and glycemia (on an empty stomach) were investigated in 131 patients with noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus (the patients ranged in age from 40 to 60). Correlation analysis has shown that derangements in the system of(More)
Filterability of the blood with various red cell and leukocyte concentrations was examined in 17 patients with coronary heart disease. The blood was filtered through a filter with pore diameter of 5 microns under a pressure of 100 cm water column. Blood filterability drastically deteriorated if leukocyte concentrations in the blood increased and depended on(More)
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