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OBJECTIVE Acute lateral ankle sprain accounts for 85% of all sprains, being generally accepted as the most common sports-related ligamentous injury. There is a lack of consensus about the optimal management of these injuries despite their frequency. The time-honoured mantra of rest, ice, elevation and compression is still commonly used, even though the(More)
The effect of exposure to ozone (O3) in ambient air on respiratory function was studied in 30 healthy adult nonsmokers engaged in a regular daily program of outdoor exercise in Tuxedo, NY during the summer of 1985. Each subject did the same exercise each day, but exercise intensity and duration varied widely between subjects, with minute ventilation ranging(More)
BACKGROUND The volume and duration of stay of the critically ill in the emergency department (ED) is increasing and is affected by factors including case-mix, overcrowding, lack of available and staffed intensive care beds and an ageing population. The purpose of this study was to describe the clinical activity associated with these high-acuity patients and(More)
Pulmonary function, cigarette smoking, and respiratory symptoms were determined in 3,133 men and women at the 13th examination of the Framingham Study (1972 to 1976). Deaths in the subsequent 10-yr period were identified. Forced expiratory volume in one second and forced vital capacity were standardized for body size by dividing by the square of the height(More)