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The Transinstitutionalisation of People Living in Licensed Boarding Houses in Sydney
The study found that licensed boarding houses are a form of transinstitutionalisation and do not serve to enact the human rights principles articulated in current policy and legislation. Expand
The ethical and methodological challenges of social work research with participants who fear retribution: To ‘do no harm’
This article discusses some of the ethical and methodological challenges experienced throughout a doctoral study focusing on boarding house residents in Sydney, Australia, particularly participants’Expand
Leaving a licensed boarding house: transcending trans-institutionalisation with person-centred transitions
While de-institutionalisation set out with the laudable aim to improve the quality of life of people with disability, the untethering of accommodation from support services has in some cases led toExpand
A starting point
Rough sleepers in Parramatta : from street to home
Parramatta is widely recognised as Sydney's second Central Business District (CBD) and the economic capital of Western Sydney, Australia's fastest growing region. Alongside this economic andExpand
The role of engagement, ongoing support and housing availability in rehousing people experiencing chronic homelessness
This article presents the findings of a 'street to home' study in Parramatta, Sydney. The study utilised a case study methodology to capture both the process of rehousing and the participants'Expand
School and Well-being: Education, Self-determination and Adult-imposed Aspirations
Schools, as diverse communities where children live much of their daily lives, are significant for their impact on children’s well-being. The chapter is a nuanced exploration of how the children weExpand