Gabrielle Cohen

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This study reports the authors' experience with excision of hemivertebrae in the treatment of congenital scoliosis. Although it is limited to 10 cases, it is significant because of the 9 years follow-up. The first patients treated have already passed the age of puberty and this is the most interesting aspect of the study.
The effect of peroxidative stress on tissue was studied by exposure of red blood cells (RBC) from patients with abetalipoproteinemia to minute amounts of H(2)O(2)in vitro. Red blood cells from untreated patients showed a marked sensitivity to H(2)O(2), as evidenced by hemolysis and lipid peroxidation (peroxidative hemolysis). The appearance of lipid(More)
A mioderate reduction in the oxygen content of inspired air elicits an increase in the pulmonary arterial pressure in animals and man (1-5). It has been suggested that the catecholamines may be involved in this pressor response (6, 7). However, it is uncertain if this hypothesis applies to the effects of tolerable levels of hypoxia in man, since the(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Most pertrochanteric fractures can be successfully fixed with osteosynthesis. Osteosynthesis fails however is a small number of patients who require re-operation for implantation of a total hip prosthesis. This situation occurs in particular when the material has penetrated the acetabulum and in elderly subjects. Although this type of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine taurine status in a large group of Newfoundlands related by environment, diet, or breeding to a dog with dilated cardiomyopathy and taurine deficiency. DESIGN Prospective study. ANIMALS 19 privately owned Newfoundlands between 5 months and 11.5 years old that had been fed commercial dry diets meeting established nutrient(More)