Gabrielle C. Lam

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A critical aspect of creating vascularized tissues is the remodelling that occurs in vivo, driven in large part by the host response to the tissue construct. Rather than a simple inflammatory response, a beneficial tissue remodelling response results in the formation of vascularised tissue. The characteristics and dynamics of this response are slowly being(More)
Enhancement of tissue vascularization is a therapeutic target for many ischemic conditions, and is crucial for successful engraftment of therapeutic cells for tissue regeneration. The authors present opportunities for using these platforms for dissecting the role of angiogenic mechanisms and highlight recent gene and drug delivery strategies for enhancing(More)
A better understanding of the factors governing the vascularization of engineered tissues is crucial for their advancement as therapeutic platforms. Here, we studied the effect of implant volume and cell densities on the in vivo vascularization of modular engineered tissue constructs. Sub-millimeter collagen modules containing adipose-derived mesenchymal(More)
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