Gabrielle C. Lam

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Current research has provided a more comprehensive understanding of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) as a three-dimensional spinal deformity, encompassing both lateral and rotational components. Apart from quantifying curve severity using the Cobb angle, vertebral rotation has become increasingly prominent in the study of scoliosis. It demonstrates(More)
A critical aspect of creating vascularized tissues is the remodelling that occurs in vivo, driven in large part by the host response to the tissue construct. Rather than a simple inflammatory response, a beneficial tissue remodelling response results in the formation of vascularised tissue. The characteristics and dynamics of this response are slowly being(More)
Many of the aches and pains of adults are the result of the long-term effects of bad posture or body misalignment. Postural kyphosis in adolescence, which is an excessive rounding of the upper spine, may be one of the effects of poor standing and sitting habits. A smart garment, consisting of a harness and two data-sensor loggers, was developed to monitor(More)
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