Gabrielle A Jacquet

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This case report describes a four and a half month old infant with all meningitis symptoms and a sub arachnoidal hemorrhage at the lumbar puncture. Transfontanelle - ultrasonography and computed tomography enables us to diagnose a right intra-cerebral hematoma. Angiography visualises a mycotic aneurysm in a distal portion of the sylvian artery. A success is(More)
The goal of a global health elective is for residents and medical students to have safe, structured, and highly educational experiences. In this article, the authors have laid out considerations for establishing a safe clinical site; ensuring a traveler's personal safety, health, and wellness; and mitigating risk during a global health rotation. Adequate(More)
INTRODUCTION On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated metropolitan Port au Prince and surrounding areas and resulted in widespread injury, mortality and displacement. This study aimed to estimate the injury rate among the affected population and the resulting demand of emergency medical care in the aftermath of the earthquake. METHODS In(More)
For many years, gender differences have been recognized as important factors in the etiology, pathophysiology, comorbidities, and treatment needs and outcomes associated with the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. However, little is known about how these gender-specific differences affect ED utilization; responses to ED-based interventions; needs for(More)
With increasing population displacement and worsening water insecurity after the 2010 earthquake, Haiti experienced a large cholera outbreak. Our goal was to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of seven community health facilities' ability to respond to a surge in cholera cases. Since 2010, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with a number of public and(More)
The past 40 years have seen expanded development of emergency medicine (EM) postgraduate residency training programs worldwide. An important part of this educational experience is the ability of resident trainees to participate in experiences abroad. However, little is known about how these experiences shape trainees and the populations they serve. During(More)
BACKGROUND As the specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM) develops around the world, it has become common for practitioners from countries with mature EM systems to assist those in regions with developing systems. One effective and frequently used model is "train the trainers," in which a group of consultant teachers instructs a cadre of clinicians in the host(More)
INTRODUCTION Volunteers and members of relief organizations increasingly seek formal training prior to international field deployment. This paper identifies training programs for personnel responding to international disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies, and provides concise information - if available- regarding the founding organization, year(More)
OBJECTIVE Experts have proposed core curriculum components for international emergency medicine (IEM) fellowships. This study examined perceptions of program directors (PDs) and fellows on whether IEM fellowships cover these components, whether their perspectives differ and the barriers preventing fellowships from covering them. METHODS From 1 November(More)
Les auteurs présentent un cas de kyste épidermoïde, de situation inhabituelle (intra-sellaire) et de symptomatologie peu courante (troubles endocriniens sans manifestation ophtalmologique). Le traitement fut essentiellement chirurgical et l'évolution de la patiente est satisfaisante. The authors present a case of epidermoid cyst in an unusual (intrasellar)(More)