Gabriella Vas

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We study the dynamics of a delayed SIS epidemicmodel on homogeneous networks, where it is assumed that individuals modify their contact patterns upon realizing the risk of infection. This decision is made with some time delay, and it is threshold type: when the density of infected nodes reaches a critical value, the number of links is reduced by a given(More)
S. Decesari, S. Fuzzi, M. C. Facchini, M. Mircea, L. Emblico, F. Cavalli, W. Maenhaut, X. Chi, G. Schkolnik, A. Falkovich, Y. Rudich, M. Claeys, V. Pashynska, G. Vas, I. Kourtchev, R. Vermeylen, A. Hoffer, M. O. Andreae, E. Tagliavini, F. Moretti, and P. Artaxo Istituto Scienze dell’Atmosfera e del Clima C.N.R., Bologna, Italy Department of Analytical(More)
For all μ > 0, a locally Lipschitz continuous map f with xf (x) > 0, x ∈ R\{0}, is constructed, such that the scalar equation ẋ (t) = −μx (t)−f (x (t− 1)) with delayed negative feedback has an infinite number of periodic orbits. All periodic solutions defining these orbits oscillate slowly around 0 in the sense that they admit at most one sign change in(More)
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